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R e c o r d i n g s


Recordings may be available directly from performers' websites or through vendors such as Amazon.

  1. Echoes from the heart, a three-movement work written for double chorus, on the Antiphonia CD.

  2. Songs of the Equinox and Solstice, a four-movement work, on the Elementia CD.

  3. Alchemy, a four-movement work, on the Immaginosa CD.

  4. . . . stars to hold, a five-movement work, on the Notturna CD.

  5. Songs of Enlightenment, a three-movement work, on the Mandala CD.

  6. Hymn to the Moon and Song of Apollo, two works on the Ourania CD.

  7. Yet, Love Endures, a four-movement work, on the Amore CD.

  8. Stars forever, while we sleep, a nine-movement work, on the Aeonia CD. See review HERE.

  9. Do not weep, commissioned by the Seattle Men's Chorus and recorded on their Pink Album.

  10. Alchemy, a four-movement work, recorded by Conspirare on Through the Green FuseSee review HERE.


Notice that items 1–8 are works recorded on CDs issued by The Esoterics on the Terpsicore record label.  


YouTube Links to New or Major Works

Donald Skirvin conducts premiere of "The Giver of Stars"

Here I am, conducting the premiere of my work, The Giver of Stars, at the Greater Seattle Choral Consortium's 2013 Choral Festival with singers from three choirs (Cascadian Chorale, Seattle Bach Choir, and Cantabile of Skagit Valley). Great fun! Click the image to hear this performance on YouTube.

Click for list of YouTube videos, most of which are produced by the composer.

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